Marketing & Advertising expert by profession, lover of design and aesthetics and deeply passionate about visual elements.

Who am I

Giancarlo Rodriguez, Advertising by profession and consultant specialized in Branding with 23 years of experience in the offline world and 8 in the online world.

In addition, I am a marketing graduate and I clearly understood how any graphic element of the brand or any piece of campaign is closely related to the achievement of the objectives outlined in the marketing plan.

In other words, the design can be truly beautiful but if it does’nt point to the brand strategy reflecting the essence of it and does not communicate the message correctly in a visual way, I do not see the expected result.


My experience

Having worked for so many brands and in various industries gives me the necessary experience to quickly interpret the graphic ecosystem of a project and achieve important results.

Remember that the first contact your brand has with your customer is visual. Everything enters through the eyes.


Digital marketing

I know the dynamics of digital business and the tools necessary to help a brand from the visual and branding to position itself in the correct way. Today I am dedicated to designing digital marketing funnels (Funnel Designer).

I’ve worked with several Hispanic marketers, leaders in the info-product market. I’ve built and worked with various brands of physical and digital products in various countries including United States, Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile and Oman.


Editorial design

In recent years I’ve designed and developed print and digital publications. Having worked in a daily newspaper in the United States, I understood that graphic design brings stories to life, makes the reader feel drawn from the moment they start to read, and finally hooks on the story recreated with impeccable graphics and clean.

I have a deep love and respect for stories well told, and I love to recreate them graphically.

I’ve developed editorial projects in the United States (California, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida) and also in Colombia.


Basically, this is what I do with passion




Graphic design


Funnel Design


Editorial design

This is what they think of my work

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