Everything enters through the eyes, and obviously your brand too!

Have you realized that each logo, color, shape or photograph is relevant information for our brain to decide if what it is looking at looks attractive, reliable, pleasant and if it motivates it to click the buy button?

Have you never cared about your brand image?
Or maybe you haven't built it?

If a customer likes what they see, they will be more attracted to buying your product, for that reason it is necessary that the brand, first, enter through the eyes.

The humans respond to a set of visual stimuli mainly where the mind forms a positive or negative idea of ​​a product or service.

For this same reason, a brand needs to transmit through the visual image, not only its message but also its values ​​and its personality to achieve impact and reach the customer.

Do you have the best product on the market, or do you solve your client's problem in the best way, but your brand doesn't project it?

When you consider that building a brand is done only with cheap designs or built by a family member or even worse by yourself, the result is what I call «A patchwork quilt.»

Looking good, always the same, consist on all the communication that is generated and transmitting the value proposition of your business is extremely important to achieve a position in the market and be that product or brand desired by customers.

Reaching that goal of consolidating itself as an attractive and professional product is also achieved with a Brand development and a Branding strategy that accompanies it.

Your brand image helps influence the purchase decision of your prospects, influences whether they stay or leave the page.

In the last 8 years, I have worked with digital projects and I fully understand how the graphic ecosystem of a digital brand works and today I am a Funnel Designer.

If you really want your client to see you attractive, you need to build a brand

Do I visit that site or not? Do I click or not? Does it captivate me or not? Is it a scam or not? Do I buy it, should I buy it? those are decisions that are influenced in most cases by what our eyes observe.

I am Giancarlo Rodriguez,

Advertising & Marketing expert by profession, lover of design and aesthetics and deeply passionate about the visual elements that make up the brand and how they generate influence and value in products or services.

Consultant specialized in Branding with 23 years of experience in the offline world and 8 in the online world.

I like my name but I like to be called Gian, for this reason all communication you receive from me will have that signature.

The first contact your brand has with your customer is visual. Everything enters through the eyes as I've said.